Pups playing in the snow, video.


Faith is 13 pounds at 4 months. Her light eyes and red nose make her stand out in a crowd. She has not grown any taller but her body is definitely longer. She is starting to resemble a dachshund. Her hair is wirey and soft like a Steiff Teddy Bear. She is learning rules like her sister Joy and even goes to the door when she wants to go play in the snow. She is not house trained yet but is very smart and it won't be long.


4 months this week. 17 lbs Joy is getting taller by the day. She is learning house manners such as sit stay and off. And pack manners from the big dogs.
She is not house-trained yet but working on it. She is teething and loves her Nylabones. Even though her hair is very wirey it is surprisingly soft. And although puppies are usually very squirmy and don't like to be held, not Joy. She melts in your arms and will stay as long as you let her. It's hard to tell she's from AL. Joy LOVES the snow.


14 weeks old, Faith, Peace and Joy

All happy, healthy pups.  Joy doesn't look too joyful here but she is a happy gal.


(pictures posted soon)

The pups are growing and are now 14 weeks old.  Love has been adopted and lives outside Milwaukee.  Kind is in a foster home near Madison.  She has her own blog now.  Joy and Faith are living in a foster home near Arlington Heights, IL.   The only boy left,  Peace is in Hartland and we would like to get him into his own foster home.

They all look similar, yet different.  Joy and Peace have long legs.  Using the formula, double the 4 month weight to estimate the adult weight,  I am thinking they may be around 30lbs ad adults.  Kind has long legs but a much thinner build and is not as tall as the others.  She may be around 20lbs.  Little Faith is a hoot.  She is stocky.  I keep saying, her and her brother Love has little French Bulldog bodies.  Her legs are short, her body stocky and she has the most amazing crystal color to her eyes.  I'm guessing she may be about 25 pounds as an adult.